Trying to upload an .svg file

I am new to using .svg files and I am trying to upload one to the Glowforge. I can upload it and then I get an error when it is rendering. Am I doing something wrong?The Swanson Family

Yes, your file contains text objects. Text has to be converted to paths for GF software to process correctly. Someone will point to more details on how. Can’t do that here right now.

What S/W did you use to create the text. How to convert varies with the S/W used.


Total SWAG, but did you convert the text to curves in the export? The GFUI cannot at present process text embedded in an svg.


If you’re using Inkscape: On the Path menu: Convert Object to Path…

Edit to add: with the text objects selected

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I used Adobe Illistrator and I can open it in Inkscape

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For Illustrator, I believe the relevant tutorial is:


Yep. Select the text object, Object menu, Expand. The defaults are fine.

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Ungroup your objects, then select one of the text strings, right click and choose “Create Outlines” (Shift+CNTL+D on a PC) on both text strings and save out as SVG again.

Pic is below is Adobe Illustrator CC


I hope that helps.

Or, if you have a design with lots of text that possibly might need to be changed in the future - just create a working AI document and then a “for laser” SVG, using “Save A Copy. When you save the copy, select convert text to outlines in the options dialog. Then you’ll have editable text in the original and a laser-ready, text converted to outlines, SVG.


Thanks for everyone’s help. I was able to get it to work.

Oh, that is nice. I wish Inkscape had that feature.


Thanks all for the help! @dswanson58, I’m glad to hear you’re good to go!