Tube cost

Hi has anyone changed there tube on the glowforge if so what kind of cost is it in the uk

lots of talk, the ‘street’ price on a tube is $250
but for $500 Glowforge, inc will replace it, and that’s with SHIPPING
best bang per pew!

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Except I don’t think that offer is good for the UK or international. I’m sure it has come up before but can’t remember.


It is a sharing of cost but like all international +Alasksa and Hawaii, I don’t think there is that much sharing. On the other hand, I have not heard of any confirmed case of a dead tube, other than something like being broken during shipment. There are certainly machines that have seen fairly heavy use for four years with the tubes going strong far beyond the promised two-year life.


GF uses a bespoke tube, street price doesn’t apply.


I thought they used a generic part, on the tube, that the power supply was their most proprietary part.

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Nope, tube is custom to GF.

what I was basing my price on. .

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That smells of “fell off the back of a truck”.
They’ve always told us it’s a custom part.


Interesting, That seller also has a surplus of glass lids…

And they ship out of southern TX - isn’t that roughly near the GF assembly plant?

Seem to recall somewhere around there but thought they moved to Mexico, maybe they operate out of both? If you look at the lids they show a box with a GF part number on them and a few areas of the label blacked out. So they are not getting them from used machines…

Interesting, Hidalgo is right on the border.


Glowforges were previously assembled and repaired by Cynergy in Grapevine, TX. They still advertise GF as a customer. Much consumer electronics is not actually manufactured by the brand on the box.

I believe GF moved to a similar vendor with operations in TN but I don’t know for sure.

This seller likely picked up surplus inventory left over when GF terminated its relationship with Cynergy. I have no first-hand knowledge to support that, but have seen situations where product was simply abandoned vs having to package and ship it.


(just to beat this dead horse a little more but one of my friends and a popular YT content creator was offered an opportunity on dozens of brand new computers from a nationally recognized brand from the late 90’s - they’d been stored in a warehouse all this time. Even in the collector community, it wasn’t worth the effort to take them. Included massive CRT monitors. These things were several thousand when new. You can pick them up on eBay for $100)

I bet the seller of those tubes paid $10-20 for each one.


… and Goodwill won’t take them, and you have to pay to take them to the dump here. $5 each.

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