Tube in the Pro version

Is tube in the Pro version different from the the one in the basic or is it just supplied more power to reach the higher wattage? Are they physically different parts?

Good question. @dan has said they were different before but also stated that the tube are the same length.

It makes me wonder how different they really are since tube length is directly related to tube power.

Sorry I don’t have time to link to the quotes right now.


IIRC the pro tube is cooled differently, among other things.


Yeah, stated power difference is 5w.

What I’m asking is the tube the same in both models but limited by firmware or software to only 40W in the Basic because it doesn’t cool as efficiently as the Pro. Or are they actually different tubes in each model?

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I see. I have no idea what the mechanism of the difference is.

Refer here from July 10:


There are other ways besides tube length to adjust power. Diameter is the easy one. Internal flow pathway design is another (harder).

That’s why you can find standard glass and higher end Reci tubes in the same length but different power levels.


Thanks for that insight.