Are you able to engage on a tumbler

While you might not be able to create all the parts on a glowforge. You could adapt the files on thingverse to cut out with a laser.

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The maximum height of any object placed in the Glowforge bed for engraving is 2".

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Guess you need to be specific as to what type of tumbler–@bwente went down the rock tumbler path, and I first thought of glass (for drinks).

As @dklgood noted, if you remove the tray to set up a jig, many have done shot glasses or other types items, but it can’t be more the 2" high–unless you are out or warranty, or not worried about going out and cut the bottom of the unit out to allow room for even larger items… (haven’t seen it done, only read on another thread that someone has done it!)

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I don’t use Tumblr. I use Tinder. :innocent:

What material? Anodized aluminum does well. Might be able to fit a shot glass size tumbler in the bed without the crumb tray.


Thank you

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