Turn off advertising on app screen

I have been meaning to ask this since it changed…

I do a lot of orders on my glowforge and find I get confused sometimes as to what the last thing was I did. I would like to see my last uploads INSTEAD of the advertisements for patterns on the default screen. It used to be this way but now I have to click to my uploads every single time.

I will NEVER buy any of the patterns on that page so it’s a total waste of space for me. How do I get my own uploads to show as the default?

Glowforge staff does not monitor these forums.


You might want to bookmark this link:
it’ll take you straight to your designs without all the cruft on the landing page.


Click that link, highlight the URL and on the chrome 3 dot menu click More tools/create shortcut. That will give you a desktop link directly to your designs. :+1:


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