Turning on after non-use for 2 years

Curious to know what I should be aware of when I turn on my Glowforge after 2 years of non-use. Due to the pandemic, we closed our Collaborative Studio and are now reopening it. YAY!! We would like to ensure the glowforge works as laser printer was quite popular with our students. We’re a small school. Please advise as time allows. Mahalo!!


There have been a few interface upgrades. Turn it on and see what happens. Should be fine.


Congratulations on reopening :slight_smile: Other than checking it’s clean and all hooked up to ventilation properly it’s probably just fine. I leave mine for 8-10 months at a time and it’s always been exactly as I left it.


There have been a few updates/upgrades to the GFUI and the back-end. Might be worth checking out Dan’s announcements:


There’s nothing to do, as any updates are downloaded and applied as soon as the OS boots up. That’s what the “power cycle” (machine turns off after 10-30s after turning on, then starts up again) is. - a reboot so it will be on the latest OS or software versions.

The only potential issue is that the laser tube has a shelf life even if not used, so there is a VERY small chance it’s lost some of its efficacy.


congrats on reopening


Assuming it has been spared from excess moisture it should work the same. If you have an external fan I would run it at least 24 hours just to make as sure as you can be. To start it up and discover a short could ruin your day.

If anyone needs a refresher on how to use it then follow here…


Wishing you all the best for the restart! Exciting times :slight_smile:


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