Tuscom Wood Slices

Hi everyone! We purchased a Glowforge about a year ago and have been cutting/engraving very basic designs - unfortunately my staff member who was the GF genius got a new job, so I am now in charge. We are trying to engrave Tuscom Wood Slices, purchased from Walmart, found here: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Tuscom-Wood-Slices-30-Pcs-Craft-Wood-Kit-Unfinished-Predrilled-with-Hole-Wooden-Circles/226222935

I know there has been discussion about other wood slices, but I can’t find any similar to this. Our patron would like to engrave - NOT cut - words onto the slices. Does anyone have the recommended settings? We are located in a public building and starting a fire would be very, very bad!! Thank you!!

As with any material, testing is key. Just start with settings for a similar material (any of the Proofgrade materials - say Poplar hardwood) and engrave a small but representative piece of a design, leaving room to try different settings if necessary.

If you browse the PG settings for engraving, you will find they are all very similar, so it’s often OK to just use them for non-PG material.


Thank you!! I will do some tests soon - I’m still a little unsure of my skills, so this will at least be a learning experience


Make sure you have worked through the tutorials to get familiar with the machine and settings.


Another thought is that if your former GF genius had done engraving on those slices, and you have those files uploaded to the GFUI, the settings s/he used may be retained there.

Unfortunately we have never worked with this material before - I can see on some of the other “made with glowforge” posts that people have done it, but don’t see exact details on how they did it.

You’re over-thinking this. Start with proofgrade settings, it won’t erupt in flames.

Keep a damp rag alongside and watch it. You should never leave the machine unattended while printing.


Also keep in mind if you start with a setting and it’s too light - don’t move anything and run the engrave again - it’ll get darker/deeper.


What @deirdrebeth said. :slight_smile: (Just start conservative so you can just engrave it again if you want it deeper/darker.)

I think those slices are pine which is pretty soft, so if you really need a starting point I’d try full speed and maybe 60 for the power and 270 LPI. Those rings will engrave a little differently than the rest of the wood and starting with conservative power might minimize the difference. Good luck!

Thank you so much!

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Thank you!!

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