Twas two nights before Christmas

And all through the shop, all the sounds of projects being made, over powered the pin drops…

So a coworker commissioned a Christmas gift for his wife and originally I had it on a premade “plate” of wood, that ended up being horrible and even worse when I attempted to add the resin the way he wanted it. So after the original version was destroyed I went ahead and broke out my lathe and turned what I feel is a much better version and looks damn sexy. He’s pretty happy with the pictures and he said I could share my work:

While I was waiting for that to finish I was assembling the last bits of my mom’s Jewelry box I designed.

Finding that specific dowel was such a PITA but it worked so well once I had it! Had the misses do the felting as I tend to screw that part up. I’ve got about 12 more projects to complete between now and Saturday afternoon…let the chaos commence!


Great gifts! And great save on the plate.


Looks great! You’re quite the expert on that lathe too!


Thanks! Mid 2020 I got this upgraded model of lathe (it’s no where near as fancy as 80% of the lathes on the market) but I make it work for what I do.

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Nice save for a great gift.

Have a Safe Healthy Happy Holiday Season. Keep Creating!


Thanks! You as well!

Those both look fabulous! What a special message for that guy’s wife. Warmed my heart. Good job on both projects!