Tweak glowforge catalog file?

Just wondering if there’s any way to change a file from the glowforge catalog. I want to use (part of) the waves of good fortune pattern on a design of mine, but can’t use it as is. Is it possible to get it off the cloud and onto my computer?

Don’t think so.

That’s what I thought :frowning: That pattern would look really cool on a pair of earrings.

Yeah, it would.

I wonder if you couldn’t just import the earring shapes on top of it though and cut them out?

How about this? Check out Pattern 46 over at

I used that pattern back in June…

Pretty darn close.


But it’s so big compared to my earrings.

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THANK YOU! That’ll work great!

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There’s a lot of goodies over there! Im gonna have fun with those! :smiley:

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She has great stuff, and is very generous about sharing for personal use. All she asks for commercial use is design credit and a donation to her site. Nice lady!


You could also do a print of the design, scan it into your computer and then make the changes to it in Inkscape or Illustrator…

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