Two color lasering

there is a discussion going on about using different colored marking spray / Paint
to do a color laser ‘print’ - This is my FIRST (lame) attempt at doing this
there are 100 mistakes, mostly doing with registration and marking
(my own fault) but the CONCEPT IS there…

first layer : lasered the “bow”
then Coated the “bow” in Gold ‘rub’
let it dry
second : marked the area in Black laser marking




What I realized now , is I should have done this ALL in one panel, with many steps for each ‘process’ this way I would have kept alignment better, also build a jig, so the cup is EXACTLY
where its supposed to be, between layers of ‘paint’

Live and learn :slight_smile:


second pass at it, i need to make the engraves less power, the first pass is fine, by the second pass its chipping… –

If you subtracted “Quark’s” from the initial one you might also get a cleaner look - since you wouldn’t have the rub’n’buff in there to fight - I like the concept!

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