Two cut lines? still

I am still getting two lines when I click on the cut button. Trace bitmap want to work but I can not figure it out. and break apart doesn’t work. I can’t get it to break apart. I Trace bitmap it, delete the one I don’t want. upload it from inkscape to GF. It will only engrave it. Once I click on the cut button I get two lines. If I go to view and display mode click outline I GET TWO LINES

Is there a setting some where that I can not find? I am new here. Once I figure this out it is down hill from here. from some reason it is not clicking in my head on how to take an image and make it a cut file.

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If you can post your file someone here can figure it out for you and let you know how it’s done.

This might help to explain what’s happening…basically if you’re going to Auto-Trace a “Coloring Book” image, you will have to delete one set of lines.


Problems and support is for opening support tickets with Glowforge staff. They can’t help you learn Inkscape or other third-party apps, so I’ve moved this to an appropriate forum section.

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One step a lot of folks miss is after you do the tracing you have to delete (or move) the bitmap away, and then on the vector you have to select both (I draw a box around the) and then hit break apart…


okay, I finally figured it out. why I am getting two cut lines . I had acoule of post on here for help. Thanks for all the info. It helped me figure it out. when I would put an image on my glowforge from inkscape I would end up with two cut lines. People were telling me to tracebitmap it, ungroup it, break apart and some others. BUT nobody said to make sure when you trace bitmap it to make sure the Smooth, stack scan and remove background. that is under the multi scan in trace bitmap. No more two cut lines.


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