Two Glowforge Pro and Airfilter FOR SALE Lynbrook NY

I have two GF Pro for sale and an Airfilter. The machines are sold as they are. They both work and have been working fine. I have not turned them on for a while, but they will be set up for you to test before you buy (I will provide material and the test file). Price per each GF Pro is $2200 and the airfilter is $450. Processing: 6F230763-5D4D-48CE-B7D2-1F1DD4F940E8.jpeg…

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How old are they? - as a graphics house, I am assuming you have used them as workhorses
do you have the boxes etc for shipping?



One is 3 years old and the other is 2 years old. I have the boxes for both printers yes.
I used them mainly for smaller jobs, so the have been run maybe about 3-4 hours a day ( but not been used for the last 6 months at all). Main use was to engrave iwatch bands and engraving plastics.
I will set them up for you to test if you are interested.

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