Two Opendesk Valoví Chairs


I make furniture for Opendesk with my side business, Sandy Eggo CNC. My daughter suggested I scale down one of their designs as something quick to play with. It took one test piece to confirm my joint gap (.123") for nice tight fitting pieces and then went right for the full run which took 20 minutes. I used Proofgrade Medium Maple Plywood and it came out perfect, no glue necessary!

The last image is from my shop and the first of many Valovi chairs I have made.


care to share CNC cut file?

beautiful work.


You can download the CNC files from They allow you to cut the files if it is for yourself, however if you sell them you need to go through them so they and the designer get their fee. That is after all how cool stuff is made. The maker sharing community depends on it.


Wonderful! Not enough likes :smile:


They have some really nice designs now… I found them back in 2015 after seeing Maker Benches at Sketchup HQ here in Boulder…


Nice, I’ve made a few of those as workstations. For sure a cool design. I’m making three of the Lean Desks right now for a job they got me for a company up in Los Angeles. Cool products and they are great to work with. I’ve learned a lot since making for them.


These are just elegantly beautiful!


Oh, those are beautiful chairs! Did you sand off the char, or use some other method?


I used Proofgrade which has the adhesive paper on it. Once removed it takes the smokey areas off, so no sanding necessary.


Whoa! These are great!


Very nice!
Sanded, stained, finished - and masked. That’s the Superpower of Proofgrade. A real time saver!


Really cool work! I have a friend who is into miniatures and she said there are collectors who just slaver over modernist dollhouse furnishings. Might be a market for them!


Unfortunately, downloads have been disabled for quite awhile on Opendesk. Not sure what’s going on there.


Ah, looks like downloads are currently limited to makers that sign up on the commercial side…

Happy cake day!


Awesome! Very cool.


Yeah, that’s a little disappointing. Some of the stuff looks really interesting.


That’s strange, because it let me download a barstool design yesterday, and I’m not a commercial user. There was another design I wanted, that was not available for download.


Ha, that would be interesting, making doll house parts. Whatever makes money and is fun!


Repeated in both plywood and cardboard version. Good exercise. Did you skip the leg pocket? I did and my plywood version stick out a bit. While yours look pretty clean. Not sure if this is the result of my scaling. Can engrave pocket …, but I feel like join gaps need to be adjusted manually after scaling down. Works fine for all other joins. Thanks for the idea!


Wow, how’d I miss this one? That is unbelievably cool! :sunglasses::+1: