Two passes for cutting

I’m cutting leather, but every SVG I use it has a double pass, which is causing my leather to scorch.
I take my custom design, upload it to ( it converts it to an SVG, I open the SVG. It shows one pass. When I upload it to the glow forge software, it shows two passes to cut. I’ve tried using Inkscape, but all of my SVGs from that program will only engrave, the cut button is grayed out.
I live off my Social Security, so I have limited income. I tried to only use free software. Can anybody help me?

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Hi Sam,

First thing - you don’t want to leave your email on your post. This forum is public and it’ll get scraped by scammers. If you click the edit button (pencil) you can delete it.

The reason you’re getting two lines is that the default for programs is to trace the inside and the outside of any line. It’s tiny to the naked eye, but the computer sees it just fine! If picsvg has a “centerline” option that’ll fix it, but sometimes that brings in new issues!

Inkscape is definitely the way to go, but it has a learning curve. After you uploaded your art, did you click on the “Trace Bitmap”? That will give you the cuttable lines you need. Inkscape will also give you double lines, or your can use its centerline trace.

If you wanted to upload a piece of your way, one of us would be happy to walk you through the steps needed :slight_smile:


Thank you! I will try that! And Thank you for the advise with my email. :grinning:


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