Two projects - twisted box and a stationary bike snack/phone tray

We use our glowforge for a mix of artsy and very utilitarian things. Posting two things from last weekend and this weekend.

First, a utilitarian project. We have a kaiser exercise bike and I’ve wanted a tray to put my cell phone and for my spouse to put gu packets when he does longer rides on it (yes, he somehow manages to not go insane AND bike for several hours in one place in our living room). The clear acrylic tray is what i came up with. I used cardboard to prototype a few times and cutting the cardboard was almost addictive. The acrylic choice was because we are likely to need to clean this often :slight_smile:

This is a random artsy thing. It’s a box but each layer twists by 2 degrees. I was thinking of painting it. I was thinking of glueing it (right now it is just held in place with pins). But once I got it all put together I decided to just call it good and post it. Happy to post files for either of these if people are interested.

Have a great week y’all!


Interesting approach.


Nice shelf :slight_smile: I love that you put little bumpers on it!

I’m curious - what are the pins in the box made of? I’m wondering if you left it unglued if you could rotate it from being swirled one way, to straight, or swirled the other way? I love fidgety things :slight_smile:


Nice practical cut! And, interesting box!!

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1/8 slices of 1/8 material I would think :thinking:

Yup. And each corner had three mortises (holes). One was used for a piece joining the two edges that were part of the same square layer. The one two degrees to the left of center was used with a pin 4/8th inches long to go through both edges from this later and the right offset mortised from the two edges for the previous layer. So even if these were round I can’t slide the layers. Interesting idea though. Need to think on that a big.


Love both of these, your twisty box is very pleasing to the eye!


Nice work!

@evansd2 has done some cool spiral boxes, too. :slight_smile:


You can find a few of them here:

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Love the tray for the bike!! Great work.