Type of material

I am looking to make a memorial lantern. I have the file for the one I want to use. I found this one on Etsy and was wondering what the material is that is used for the windows. Does anyone have an idea or suggestion as to what they are using? Thanks

Any reason why you wouldn’t ask the seller?

I did ask am I’m waiting to hear back. I was hoping that maybe someone would have an idea as to what they use or maybe they could suggest something similar or totally different. They are really nice looking lanterns too.

So you bought a file from someone else but you want the info from this maker? They say glass:

The photos are not laser engraved, but produced on some sort of parchment, vellum or special paper.

It looks like it’s white or cream resume paper… not done on a laser, but on a printer.

I use frosted clear acrylic, reverse engraved, filled with black acrylic spray paint.

edit - here’s one panel of the lantern I made for our daughter.


Thank you

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