Typical day...oh the frustration

OK. Like most of us I come in at the end of the day to catch up and scroll through the latest fabulous things @marmak3261 or @Jules has made to show off the abilities of the laser beasts. Check the new topics… 20. No problem. Start checking through the new posts. After oooing and aahhing over several (and many that get book marked to my ever growing list AND a couple of times checking the calendar…oh my old friend July, will you never arrive?) Ok…back to scrolling through… click on New Topics and WHAT THE HELL?!? 24 new topics! Will the madness never End? Curses to you @dan and the never ending month of April…


It’s a full time job keeping up.:smile:


Try keeping up with it for the Highlights Reel…ROFL! By the time I’m done, I get to start over again. :laughing:


I don’t see the issue.

I mean, it’s totally manageable now that a)I’m not working and b) I check the forum every 2-4 hours in between other projects.



Well let me not recommend taking a month or more off from the forums. It was staggering when I checked back in recently.


Yeah… I had a crazy week last week and an even crazier week this week! I’m TRYING to catch up! I think I’m still shy ~30 new topics plus the responses to the old ones! Getting difficult to play Keeping Up With The Glowdashians.