U.K. delivery countdown begins

I’ve just had my golden email, Thurs 8th March, 2252. Woohoo! Updates to follow as I track this long awaited and anticipated bit of kit to land on my doorstep with a gentle thud :slight_smile:


Congrats! :smile:



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Congratulations :smiley:

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Hi… I’m UK :uk:… what is your order Basic or Pro… can you let As how much custom tax??? Thanks…

Wow another Burley - we’re a rare bread, sir! Congrats on the ticket :slight_smile:

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Only payment I have seen so far was a Pro delivery being charged £709, Basic should be around £450, my date is tomorrow for a Basic, so should know if a few days.

Next notification was from UPS this morning (13/3) at 0802 saying a parcel would be delivered tmw. Not all the info is available on tracking, but at 16lbs in weight and no email from GF, I’m guessing the proofgrade materials :slight_smile:

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You’re supposed to get a shipping notification from glowforge for both, but they do seem to have issues sometimes. It is probably the proofgrade. It could be that the crumb tray package and the glowforge package were separated, but probably proofgrade. If it originated in Tennessee, definitely the proofgrade.

All I know at the moment is that it has been scheduled for delivery, and is labelled Moduslink/Glowforge.

Today should be the day for me :sweat_smile:
I paid just under £3200 for a Pro but at todays dollar rate that converts to nearer £3600 so will end up paying duty on an extra £400, which potentially means an extra £100! Not much in the grand scheme of things but that money would be better spent on materials:wink:
Does anybody know if it can be claimed back from HMRC if actual payment proof is supplied?

I don’t think so because the duty is raised when you import it, so the exchange rate used is for then, not when you bought it.

Pretty much knocks out the compensation for the delay. As ever the “giveaways” from GF are pretty much worthless overseas.

Moduslink is the company that does proofgrade fulfillment. Materials it is.

Yup, confirmation email from GF arrived this afternoon, along with access to catalog and shop :slight_smile:


Have just been charged £35.83 Government charges and £11.25 brokerage fee for ‘the total value of all Duty-based fees of 0.00’ for the proofgrade delivery.

How does that work???

The proofgrade package is worth 150$. Thats why we also had to pay import taxes for a “free product”. At least that is the way I understand it

They just announced here: International ProofgradeTM shipping that they are going to reduce the invoice for the GF by $150. You still get double brokerage charges though and UPS seems to charge more than 20% VAT.

To be fair, even if this were a ‘gift’ there’s VAT payable in UK, and it can’t be a gift as it’s between a company and a person. So have paid unto Caesar and all of that, and will hopefully see it at some point tomorrow. Still waiting on ‘the big one(s)’ though :slight_smile:

Yep. Just paid €52,69 on customs charges for the proofgrade in NL.