'U' shaped piece loose?


Ran a print which came out fine, went to remove it from the GF and found this U shaped piece, pic attached, behind the crum tray. Any insight or direction will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Melbourne Beach Bill

that looks like it slips around a screw head to hold things down. if your unit is new. it likely is a part that was dropped and not noticed during manufacture.

I have never seen one on mine. but I am not a good reference. I don’t stick my head in the unit. nor root around much. :slight_smile:


Can you put something next to it for scale?

I’ve had much of my machine apart (to remove the exhaust fan - it’s a Pro) and don’t recall seeing anything like that.

For scale the piece is 2.25 inches wide by 2.0 inches tall 3/8 inches thick…

Could be anything from a piece of a test jig to a disposable shipping collar for the laser tube. Can’t think of anything that is part of the actual unit on delivery.

That’s what it looks like to me. The output end nipple bumper (although I think there may be one on the HT voltage input end as well).

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So GF’s answer was that the piece was unidentified and noted in the printer history file for future reference…

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Not exactly inspiring but at least you don’t have to worry about it being a critical part.

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