UGears - guess what I got in the mail yesterday

Guess what I got in the mail last night:

They are from the UGears kickstarter: which someone else posted a while back.

I have not had a chance to play with them much yet, but I’m sure I’ll find some time this weekend to put these models together.


I just wanted to leave just ‘dude’ but that’s to short for a reply

but DUDE this rocks


That’s very neat. Fun project

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So cool. I’ve been wanting to pick one of these up for a while now. Would love some photos along the way as you put it together!

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Sure, I’ll post some pictures as I go.


I just tried to buy the train its not available yet for public

I would be tossing and turning for a long time trying to decide between assembling the things immediately, or preserving them to replicate on the Glowforge… I know that I will break or lose a part eventually, so being able to re-cut is critical.


I’m scanning in all the parts before assembling it. Not that I want to replicate this model exactly, but I want to know how they did certain things, and I may want to recreate some of the parts and assemblies for other things.


We got the Tram last week. Had the same debate about scanning it first for reference, but ultimately my son started assembly. The toothpick insertion is a bit testy!


Very nice! Should definately keep you busy this weekend.

How did this project go for you?

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I’m making a time lapse movie of the build. I should be done in the next week or so. Then I’ll post it here.