Ugh, this must be what cavemen felt like

I needed a desktop stand for my new itty bitty ukulele. I mocked one up on the computer… then I remembered I don’t have my glowforge yet so I ended up making it out of matboard using a razor blade and a ruler like some sort of commoner.

How many days until December?


That cracked me up! But oh, so true. Such a lowly life we are leading while waiting…:smiley:


I like your design. It looks like it will be strong and could fit lots of different size instruments.:grinning:


What?! You rock the uke? Me too, but I’d say I more mock the uke. I’m not very good.

I’m loving the cardboard stand. Will you make it in wood in later? (I might need to “borrow” the plans from you.) If you make something in acrylic, you can light it up. Then your uke would get the star treatment it deserves.


I’m right there with you. I just got it recently, so I’m still learning the basics. I bought it based entirely on a friend’s recommendation, which may have been entirely fueled by the novelty of how ridiculously small it is in my hands.


Don’t knock paste board for prototyping. Get the design right and you can have one cut from your choice of materials a few minutes after receiving your gf.


Oh, I’m not knocking the material. GF or not, I do plenty of prototyping with matboard, since I have a small mountain of it. It’s having to cut things by hand all inefficient-like that I could do without. @dan and his magical box of wonder have already spoiled me and I haven’t even gotten to press the big button yet.


What?! You totally just made my night. Cutest mini-uke ever. I think I have the same tuner.

You might want to consider getting one of the 3-chord song books (if you haven’t already). You’ll be a pro in no time!

Once I learn 50 songs, I am going to get a banjolele (most likely this one). They don’t call it “goodtime” for nothing.

Thanks again!!


Thanks! It’s the Ohana O’nino Sopranissimo. It looks downright bitty, even next to other ukes. This is it (on the far right) with my friend’s tenor, soprano, and sopranino.

I kinda want to get a Kala U-bass to learn next, once I’ve made some progress on this one.


For the record, this is the friend in question, taking me to lunch in her Fiat. I’m starting to think she just really enjoys seeing me struggle with things that are too small for me.


Okay, I just let out an audible sqwee! I have a Pono tenor uke made out of mango wood.

Thanks for the pics. I’d break out my uke and take a pic and send it (but it’s packed somewhere). We’re moving soon…

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I’ve got a similar collection of recorders. They come in a surprising number of sizes.

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I don’t know anything about any of this, but that tiny ukulele might be the cutest thing ever. Especially since I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so tiny – I should’ve taken “itty bitty” at face value!

Out of curiosity, what material are you planning to make the stand out of once you have the glowforge?


Probably a light colored hardwood (ash, maybe) and lining the edges that touch the instrument with something soft, like suede or velvet. And using a stronger material means I could hollow out the pieces a lot so that they’re less blocky and utilitarian and the stand could actually complement the uke, rather than simply supporting it.


A blank canvas to embellish!
Man, you dwarf that thing. Your fingers are half the length of the neck!


This is my favorite example for scale:


That sounds really nice! Maybe you can post a pic of the finished product when you have your very own glowforge :slight_smile:

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This is one of the projects I have on my list as I am in process of repairing my late Father-inlaw’s vintage 1920’s Banjolee. Like what you have done. :o)


Oh man… if you have something with big enough sleeves, you could totally make a deployable “hidden arm blade” device (a la Assassin’s Creed)

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Great, now you’ve gone and got me thinking. Now I’m looking at the mechanism on my Microtech and trying to figure out how to scale and convert it.

You’re gonna get me in trouble, @jbv.