UhOh - Air assist fan error

I am getting this error…

The air assist fan on the printer head is not running at the correct speed. Try reseating your printer head following these steps.

I have completely cleaned all the usual suspects including the 4 contact points on both sides of the print head.

I see that support took over the previous message with the same issue - the resolution was not posted in the forum.

Help!!! I have orders to cut before their shipping deadline.

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If you are using magnets to hold down your material it can cause this error. Did you remove the carriage assembly and clean the fan at the rear of the carriage?


No magnets used for a while.

Can you send me a photo or diagram of the fan you refer to - I have cleaned everything I can think of.

This is the carriage assembly that rides along under the gantry that the laser head sits on. The fan is circled in red. That is the air assist fan.

How to clean your air assist fan


That could be the issue!!!

Thanks soooo much!


A side view…

That is way worse than mine! that gave me huge problems

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It’s working again - Thanks so much @wilsonpf

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag, but I’m glad that @wilsonpf provided some great instructions for locating and cleaning your Air Assist fan. I appreciate you taking the time to clean the fan.

I’ll close this thread for now, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at support@glowforge.com in the future if you run into any more trouble. We’re here to help!