UK air filter updates - disappointing

After the latest GF update I’ve been refreshing the page for the expected date for the delivery of my Air Filter which was originally 28 July 2018. Almost within touching distance… Now delayed 4 months to 30 November 2018. Anyone else checked their dates?

My Canadian Glowforge was pushed to October 1st

Day 2 US backer: 30 September.

You holding out until the filter is ready?

Yeah, I have no way to vent it to the outside, so it would be a paperweight without the filter.

Ah. I was going to hold out but ended up venting it through a basement window that I replaced the glass with a sheet of foam & MDF. It’s mostly below grade so it’s got those little windows so it’s not like I’m losing a lot of daylight :slight_smile:

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Well mine was June 30th and is now also November 30th WTF!
I fail to understand a 5 month delay. Seems to me that when they announced the air filter they actually didn’t have a clue if it was possible or not. It’s almost 3 years since it was announced, and lets face it a filter is relatively simple compared to the laser itself.

I expect while that’s true at the mechanical level, it’s the size that’s the problem. Comparable laser filters are bigger than the laser. Making it small enough to match the GF is most likely the problem - with filter media & air management being much harder to get to work in this size and deliver their promised benefits.

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ok, thats fair enough, but when this was announced the implication was that they had a working design and just needed crowd funding to scale up for production. Seems to me that they may have had a limited laser prototype and absolutely no air filter at all. Yes, I am cross, to suddenly delay the filter by 5 months is ridiculous, they must have known about this delay for quite some time, it didn’t just suddenly happen with 5 days to go to my original shipping date


I think that’s pretty fair to say about all of the delays - you can’t be a month away from shipping something multiple times and then suddenly find a new 4 or 5 month delay inducing problem. I think it’s Engineer’s Optimism overriding the good sense of project and business managers.

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Mine went from June 30th to September 30th.

…and that’s the second time in a row they’ve done that. Back in April there were people who had dates less than two weeks out and then everyone got pushed out to June. It is difficult to see how that happens, repeatedly, if those estimates are honest representations, particularly when no explanation is offered.

It is one thing for there to be design and production problems – though as we approach the three year mark it gets harder to explain these as the product of good faith goofs made by otherwise competent people of good will. What burns me is that Glowforge feels like they owe no explanation to people whose money they took three years ago.


Canada is the whole unit pushed again. GF and Filter.

Note in the update, “it’s going to get pushed again” and that’s it.

I had the same push here in Austria. Was 28 July 2018 now it’s 30 November 2018