UK Black Friday sale?

Hi all,
Now that Glowforge launched in the UK, is there a sniff of a Black Friday sale on proofgrade materials? The American site is buzzing with deals. It’s already harder and more expensive to come by materials out here, do you think GF will be offering any incentives to us here too?

Is Black Friday a thing in the UK? It’s so tied to an American holiday here in the US that I figured it just wasn’t really common anywhere else.

I know that there are other big shopping days worldwide like singles day in China etc….

Anyway. I guess I don’t have any info for you. I assume you’ve seen other posts here about European/UK suppliers of non-PG materials, but if not, searching the forum for “European” should find a lot of threads that’ll interest you.


Hey there,
Yes, I’ve bought from most all of the UK suppliers, I just would like the option of some proof grade materials that are finished and already have the backing etc.
I recently moved back to England after 17 years in America and the cost of the materials in the UK is so much higher, and the selection so much smaller. I just can’t be competitive selling products in a global market.
When I left in 2004 there was no such thing as Black Friday, but now apparently the Brits go almost as nuts over it as the Americans. I’m baffled too, but it’s definitely a thing and sucks that they don’t have any kind of sale here for us when the American site already has 40% and more choice.

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I’ve been wondering the same thing. I now get redirected to the UK store automatically, so I get a brief flash of “Black Friday” then I’m in the regular looking store. No mention of black friday at all.

Black Friday is everywhere now in teh EU. It seems to jave become the USA’s best export! It is odd because there is no Thanksgiving so Black Friday just seems like an odd island of retail blather.


I am sure you have tried this, but have you checked out Hobarts in the UK? They have sheets of differnt plywood - birch and poplar - for ony a few euro/pounds. I am in NL and I have found them to be some of the best prices. I am only guessing, but I liken some of their laser light plywood to GF’s new light ply wood but it is much cheaper at Hobarts. No, it is not finished, but that is not expensive to do on your own. Just a thought.

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