UK copyright for images of designer items

Things are pretty quiet tonight. Is this as strange as it seems? I am ignorant of what the law is in the US for reproducing photos of designer items like furniture. I’m sure photographers on the forum understand this. But how would that work in posting images of someone else’s design? Now I’m paranoid.

Posting images is just fine. Just never claim it as your own work. Always best to give credit to the artist if known.
That is kind of a silly law… So you pretty much can’t take pictures inside your own house and post them any longer?
Kind of silly!

Good luck enforcing that one.

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Don’t worry. If you took a photo of something protected by copyright and then incorporated it into a logo for your company (or something similar) you could become intimately familiar with the concept of billable hours, but not just posting photos you take yourself. You may want to consult a lawyer if you’re planning on putting together a coffee table book of 20th century design master works, but even then I think you’d be okay.