UK Import Duty/Tax/Etc.....does anyone actually know?!

Hi Guys. I know a few threads have been put up regarding the import duty/tax/fees etc for getting a glowforge delivered to the UK but still nobody seems to know anything!

Has anyone in the UK received their glowforge yet that could tell us what the dreaded extra cost was? Or at least what category it was classed as? I contacted HMRC a while ago regarding the codes etc and was given a commodity code of 8456119000. However, looking at other peoples’ posts, it seems a number of commodity codes have been suggested.

I’m so confused! Ive put some money aside but I’m scared that it wont be enough now and I really want to put my mind at rest! Weve waited so so long for this that its incredibly frustrating to not have any concrete info at this point

Nikki, so far I’ve paid £42.47 for the ProofGrade, my Glowforge has just started it’s journey so have not been charged for it yet, but looks like it will be around £440.

Yep, the same.

Just got delivery dates for the Glowforge and Tray of tomorrow, no request for payment as yet. mine is a Basic Glowforge.

Ooh exciting! Please let us know what the outcome is :slight_smile:

Got my import Charges, for Basic, £430.52, £419.27 Goverment Charges and £11.25 Brokerage fee.

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So what did u have to pay in total? £861.04?

I think it’s:

430.52 = £419.27 + £11.25


Haha! I thought that after I’d posted! Was reading the forum on the school run so not totally with it! :blush: :smile:

yes, I paid £430.52 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information, everyone! I’m glad to see it worked out.