UK owner with passthrough help needed!

Hi everyone, Ive got the basic glow forge but have been asked to cut something that’s too big for it (I’ve not said I can do the job, but said I’ll try find someone who could). The passthrough would be able to though, so I’m looking for someone UK based who would be willing to cut 2 shapes out for me, I’d send the file and also the acrylic over. Its 5mm thick acrylic and only needs cutting a very simple shape, no engraving or anything else fancy. It would be non proofgrade, so I could also send over my settings and extra acrylic to practice to make sure the settings are correct for a clean cut. If anyone is willing to help, please let me know!


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If the design isn’t more than ~22"x20", you can do it on your Basic. You can cut with the front door open and material sticking out (like the passthrough slot) by putting some magnets by the door sensors. Search “glowforge passthrough hack” on Google.


Oh now there’s a shout! I would never have thought about that! I think I’d be a bit worried about lining the cut up, cos it always seems to be a little out on mine, I’ll definitely give it a go

thank you!

I suggest adding a registration mark (something like a small circle or an “x”) to your design, right by where you’re going to be splitting it up.

You can score this mark along with cutting the first part of your design. After you flip around the material to cut the second part, set everything but that registration mark to “ignore” and score the mark again. If the second score overlaps the first score perfectly, you can proceed with the second cut confident that everything is aligned perfectly. Otherwise, you can see how far and in what way it deviates, and move the design accordingly to get the alignment right.

You can also score your actual cut lines at 1 power so the machine only marks your masking instead of cutting the material. This is another way to see that it’s going to cut where you need it to, before wasting any material doing a cut that isn’t lined up right.

Basically, go slow and verify the accuracy of your alignment rather than trusting the camera.


Again, that’s really good advice too! Thank you! That makes sense and definitely a good idea to lightly score first. Even though I’ve had my machine since 2020, I still feel like such a newbie. I’ll give it a go and report back

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