UK Pro unit - email silence 🙈 🇬🇧

So i had the long awaited email about my Pro unit UK order last Saturday 17th at 00:29 which i instantly accepted shipping for but I haven’t had anymore correspondence fom either Glowforge or UPS (including the UPS MyChoice app) since… is this normal??

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Very normal. There is no response once you accept. Usually 2-3 weeks you get a ups email about the proof grade materials. Thenthe tracking email for the unit is sent


Unless you’re International - it’s looking like only a week or so and it’s going by Air until it hits in country and UPS trucks take over again.

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I signed up for notification of all stages of delivery, and got no notification from either Glowforge or UPS. But when I checked the MyChoice calendar, it shows that my proofgrade should arrive by the end of today. I accepted shipping on Saturday the 17th. (France)

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Just got home and missed a UPS delivery, no tracking appeared on my app which is annoying and they only accept cash or cheque for the payment - i haven’t written a cheque in over 10 years!

They are attempting delivery tomorrow, looks like its the PG box so the rest shouldn’t be too far behind…

You had me worried for a second because I accepted mine on Tuesday and didn’t hear anything either. Is there anything else you can do than signing up on the UPS page?

Fret; chew your fingernails; ask yourself did I fill in their form correctly; worry.


I might be a bit dense but how do you get a MyChoice calendar?

were well, I’ll do my best at that then.

I did all of them, although I chew my fingernails all the time.

Click around the UPS MyChoice page and you’ll eventually find the calendar. I can’t remember which button/link it is.

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Well, I managed to get something by post in about a month. whatever that will be :smile:

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Under the tracking menu, click manage home deliveries. That shows the calendar. Only now I see you can also find upcoming deliveries from the quickstart menu. Hope that helps!

Thank you! Apparently, I need an activation code, and the only option was to get it by post in about 3—4 weeks. At least now they explain what they will send before they were somewhat vague. Probably a language thing aka lousy translation into German. Not the first time I came across something like that :slight_smile:

You mean a pin activation code by post? I had to do that too, but it only took 5 days to get it. I could still see the delivery before that though. Weird.

Accepted delivery email for Glowforge on the 19th of March and had an email today from UPS to say they have my Glowforge shipment of materials. Should be delivered on Tuesday! Hoping the Glowforge won’t be too far behind but checking every half hour on the ups website! lol! On a side note… UK Glowforger’s , what are you expecting to pay on import tax? And are you using the inventable code? I just looked and $30 dollars worth of stuff would cost over $70 dollar to ship??? not really worth it eh?

So my Proof grade parcel arrived along with the bill of £42.25 for import vat & customs charges for our ‘free’ gift - weirdly the delivery did not show up at all on UPS MyChoice, just hoping that the unit does show up so I know when to be home to sign for it [and write a rather big cheque for the delivery driver :money_mouth_face:]


Just to feed into the thread, I received my proof grade parcel before I had the email to say it was on its way. Certainly not complaining just happy to receive it and yes cost me £42.47 in import VAT.

On the 20th March received the email to say GF on its way with tracking number. I used ‘Parcel’ app on my iPhone from to track the parcel, with no sign up and free. Did a great job. The tray and ducting parcel turned up on the 16th March didn’t know about that as hadn’t received the notification email. Also to be aware the tracking number for that is different from the one for the GF itself (can be found on UPS site when you click the link in the email notification and then go to the drop down for items).

As everyone else the long awaited GF turned up today! Super stoked! Cost me £709.12 import VAT.

You can ring UPS once your GF parcel is in the UK and cleared by customs on telephone 03457 877 877 to be able to pay by credit card over the phone. Lot easier as the delivery person then just drops off and gives you an invoice for the amount.

Hope this might help anyone in the UK waiting for that sweet moment the UPS van arrives with the magic inside!


It arrived in one piece and safely??? Thats all i’m concerned about right now! I’m having nightmares about spending this much on something thats gonna turn up shattered like that youtube video where it sounded like a rain stick!!! Thanks for the update on the costs too! thats super helpful. I’ve paid for the materials and those should arrive tomorrow! AAARRRRRGGHHH!!! Are you on a basic or a pro? Bethx

How long was is between the initial email about accepting shipping to the dispatch email for the unit @Damsk? Im still [im]patiently waiting!

As far as I can see it has arrived safely and in one piece no obvious rattles. I have a total understanding of that feeling around how much we’ve invested into purchasing the GF, but from my perspective the experience is all good so far. Glad I didn’t see that youtube video :relieved: It was the Pro model. Hang in there Beth, for me once the materials arrived things seem to progress quite nicely. I used it as a feeling of excitement until the UPS van rocked up again. Materials [15th March], Tray & Exhaust tube [16th March] and GF [23rd March]. May the Glowforge be with you…