UK Repair Shipping Costs Defined

I’ve been advised that my engraving issue requires a back to base fix.

Cost for this is $956 - just shy a thousand bucks - for two way shipping.

Holy crap. Where are you? Oh wait the U.K. oof.

Does that include customs fees/import duties?

They are not charged as it ships both ways as duty already paid.

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I just paid $732 US to ship my warranty repair to Texas from US Virgin Islands, and another $165 to get the warranty replacement drop shipped Back to me. Texas to Florida free to me, FL to me required a drop shipper (boat, container) Something really seems broken…

My shipment back is stuck in Atlanta because I did not receive the proper documentation for Customs.

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I thought the EU had a law/regulation that required warranty repairs to be free including shipping.


Out of warranty by a month

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Does the UK specify a minimum statutory warranty period, eg 2 years, or are talking about the GF specified 12 months warranty?

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