UK user has broken his GF, $1,000 return ship plus repairs - what should I do?

So, in replacing the black cable I’ve stupidly managed to fry the board on the back of the GF below the cable and melted something (can’t tell what) on the left end of the cable where it fits the LED strip.

GF Pro Machine out of warranty and GF want $1,000 there and back shipping, plus $400-$1000 repair bill.

Now, I’ve seen people posting that they’ve returned their machine and GF have said “unrepairable, but have a refurb for $XXXX”.

But unless the refurb was an amazing deal, that doesn’t make sense to pay the $1000.
If I could guarantee it was a repair max cost $1000 I’d wince, but pay it.

Or, I could just buy another Basic and use the defunct Pro for spares.

I am confident enough to replace the little circuit board or the LED strip, but I don’t know if GF would sell them. Heck if it came to it I would buy a whole lid and circuit board - still cheaper.

Should I buy a basic and swap the lids?

The $1,000 shipping really screws things up!!

Any suggestions, guidance, advice.


Dunno…that’s a tough call. Sorry to hear it.

Hate to say it but I personally would go with a different laser that is user serviceable. I love my GF. Really do. But given the costs of shipping and repair when I could do it myself; when mine gives up the ghost, unless it’s something simple, I too am planning on going elsewhere. 1400-2000 dollars for a repair, to me just can’t be justified when I can get a 60W chinese with bigger bed, 4-way passthrough, etc for less than that.


I’d ask. They’ve been known to do some exceptions on spare parts… I think it was for someone in hawaii, maybe @Aloha ?

Worst case scenario they say “we won’t send you those parts”, and you’ve lost nothing by asking.


Not me. Maybe @raymondking32

That’s some crazy shipping.


Ouch. I dread the thought of ever having to send mine back just from Canada. I know it is going to be very expensive considering the lid cable cost me $90 Canadian.

Ouch, so sorry to hear this, @sqw! :frowning:

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I replied to your post on Openglow, but yeah, they’ll send you parts if you ask. Of course, not being in the US, I can’t tell you what you’d be looking at for shipping or if it’s the same availability when it comes to parts. I actually am in the process of getting some accessory boards sent to me now, second time I’ve asked, so these are certainly user serviceable, but you have to be willing to dive in and learn. They won’t give you a guide on all of the parts, and I was surprised to learn they had made one for the black ribbon cable. If you have any questions about parts and stuff, feel free to ask, I’ve disassembled a lot of my machine to figure out what is simple enough to replace, which is nearly everything other than the power supply, tube, and white ribbon cable.


If I couldn’t get the parts, I’d also get a different machine that is either user serviceable or has local service, or both. There are a lot more options now than there used to be.

I would rather own two GF’s - that way all my work is consistent and I can switch between the two.


As the number of non-US owners increases and machines begin to age out, the demand for parts will surely increase.

Let’s hope GF can put some system in place to support owners capable of performing these repairs.


Whatever works for you. :slight_smile:

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