Ultra Dye has died. Other suggestions?

I contacted Plaid today to see what was up with Ultra Dye being out of stock everywhere and they tell me:

The Ultra Dye products are no longer in production and the two colors that are available will only be available while supplies last.

This makes me very sad as I really loved the stuff. What other things have folks tried? I know there used to be a large group of fellow Ultra Dye users.

What do you do when a dye dies?


I bought a bunch when they were clearing it out as they were shutting down a couple of years ago. Good stuff. Don’t know what could replace it now. Alcohol ink?


You could consider pysanky egg dyes. They are usually quite intense (aniline based I believe) and useful for more than just dying eggs.

I’ve ordered from these folks; not too expensive to get a set of 18 colors and experiment:


I’m going to try this line for some ebonize table legs

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