Ummm. That's a Nope!


What NOT to make with my Glowforge…

Laser engraved fingernail calendar…


Yikes. But still better than lasered skin. I would think nails might hurt less?


I wonder what they practiced on to get the power and speed correct?


Do NOT allow those people to adopt any animals. Or people of course.


Yew…wonder what that smelled like? :scream:


I wouldn’t be able to hold still.


The opportunity isn’t in lasering your own fingernails, it is in lasering fake fingernails.

The question still remains, who needs to remember the first six months of the year, and not the last six? Why you need a year (last I checked the months stay the same no matter the year)? I would consider that they’re adding a laser mark every month and tracking the growth of their thumbnails, except the year isn’t moving.


Hmm… Permanent nail decorations… I see a new business here. :wink:


oh I do permanent nail decoration all the time. usually with a hammer blow, or an exacto blade slip…


Just when you think you’ve seen it all…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just think of the precision you’ll now have with the Glowforge!


I tend to be more of an impressionist than a precisionist when it comes to hand/nail/body alterations, but, hey, I’m willing to try anything
(and this kids is why we don’t stick our hand into the laser - pay extra attention to the scent of burning flesh and the tears in the corners of my eyes)


Tired of nail clippings flying all over the place. Still relying on those old fashioned metal nail clippers.

Well you’re in luck! The Glowforge is here! A fully enclosed nail clipping system!
Using the latest is laser beam technology, the Glowforge can take care of all your clipping needs! Just put your hands through the side door and let the Glowforge handle the rest!
Not only that! The Glowforge can even add stylish designs to your nails! Amazing!

You can have one of your own Glowforge Nail Design and Clipping systems for only 200 payments of $19.99!

Warning: Please don’t do this, it would be bad. Seriously!


Having accidentally zapped my own fingernail… they did this at a pretty low power to get that coloring. So would not have felt much.

I assume that the person figured out how long their nails grow in a month, and the marks serve to show the current month. Interesting, though not particularly practical. Maybe if they made some marks for special birthdays and anniversaries it would have limited practical application…


With a glowforge you could laser a ruler into the edge of your nails and never be at a loss for measurement again. Until you cut them.


Chuckle! You guys just aren’t seeing the big picture here…as soon as the fashion industry gets wind of that, you’ll see beautiful models and “oh-so-intelligent” A-listers on the red carpet with mangled, permanently nerve damaged hands, rapidly followed by the “Ronco Home Use Fingernail Laser System” on QVC. :laughing:

But boy! Those little fingernail flowers will sure be cool!:sunglasses:


You might be joking, but this WILL come. I can see places set up where the hands are placed in metal fiber gloves (for protection) and with the nail portions cut out, and designs lasered onto the nails…

Maybe nail polished first and then the polish lasered off to create intricate designs, or laser stenciled and then 2 color layer designs made, etc.

This will come.


Freaky to do on natural nails, but custom, highly detailed acrylic glue on nails could be a market. Wonder if they are laser safe?


Yep. Unfortunately, I’m not joking. (I’m laughing at the stupidity of it, but it will happen.)

Oh well, life frequently provides interesting moments to keep us amused….I’ll be standing by to prevent my more “fashion-conscious” female relatives from jumping on the bandwagon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe a tatoo attachment will be in the works!