Ummmm.... what is diss?

might want to go back and poke through the packaging (assuming that you kept it in case of warranty returns/moving)

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Yeah, the travel locks are in a box (laser cut on the GF, natch) at home, so I’ll check later.

if not, replacements are available from the GF store.

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Good to know! Thanks!

I’ve had the thing an awfully long time, but never noticed any inconsistent results, despite cutting (very early on) some incredibly dense and resinous plant materials (vegetable ‘ivory’)

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Cool. Some materials are awfully dirty, as are hard engraves. Stamp rubber is a trainwreck. Glad your machine is still clean.

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Good to know. I bought some stamp rubber a good long time ago and forgot entirely that I have it. I’ll have to hunt for it and give it a try.

The orange stamp rubber that I got from Amazon was much dirtier to engrave than the clear Art Stamp Polymer product that I got from Jackson Marking products. The polymer also seems to hold and transfer ink much better. It is more expensive than the amazon rubber, of course.


Thanks for the answer @geek2nurse, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if there are any other questions, go ahead and post a new topic or reach out to