Curious to know if there is a way (I’m not seeing?) to back up or revert the work to original upload? What I mean is… example:
I wanted to make double sided earrings, so I designed one,copied it and flipped the copy horizontally and saved my file (Two "objects). This way, I engrave and cut , pop out the two earrings and flip them over into the opposite spot (they’ll fit since it was a mirror design outline). Then I forge again w/o the cut part and my images are on both sides, nicely centered since I didn’t move the piece they were cut out of. But today, I went to cut and with the camera still slightly off placement, (trying to get the cut as close to the edge and save :proofgrade:), the left earring was cut slightly off the material. I moved my image (of the 2 objects) and cut 2 more earrings. When done I realized I still had an extra “good one” - the right one from the first attempt, so I deleted one of the earrings in the GUI and , put that good cut it in the correct “cutout” and engraved the 2nd side.
(Following?) ok the problem is, even though now both earrings and the cut, engrave, score instructions show when I reload the design from Home, only 1 earring shows… the "deleted one doesn’t. In hindsight, I should have just dragged if off to the side so it wouldn’t cut. But now, that design when reloaded shows all the stuff on the left side, but only one earring showing to cut/engrave… :hushed: So I need to find the original file (not too big of a deal) and reload it, but curious if this is how the autosave is designed? It seems like my original “Upload” should be preserved somewhere?

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Yes it looks like uploaded designs should have a revert to original like the catalogue items do and the freebies don’t have yet.


Consider using “Ignore” instead of delete when you can. This will allow you to avoid losing sections of your design.

Support has to help sort out the freebies. @dan has warned about deleting things leading to making developers cry.

@ben1, that’s great advice, thanks! @PlGHEADED, you will need to upload your original file in order to recover the designs that were deleted. I apologize for any inconvenience, and I’ll pass on the feedback about Autosave.

Thank you!