Unable to bookmark topics on iOS Safari


I really enjoyed the Star Wars coasters that popped up this morning. When I attempted to bookmark The post from my iPhone, the bookmark icon didn’t change color. I wa sable to reproduce this on other topics and confirmed that I’m not using an ad-blocker.

Anyone else able to reproduce this?


Happy 2 year anniversary!


Same issue here, Android 7.0

And happy slice of cake! :cake:


Yes, Happy Anniversary!!!


I’ve never tried to use the built in bookmark option here - honestly didn’t even realize there was one. I just save any posts I want in my bookmarks on Chrome in my Glowforge folder. Works well and I can access them anytime I want. Might just bookmark in your browser directly instead.


I’ve always done the same thing, only in Safari. I have a Glowforge folder with several sub folders to keep everything organized. Works great for me, too.


I am unable to repro this. Can someone please confirm that they get the same behaviour when visiting meta.discourse.org on mobile?




Safari is my browser on my iPhone


Thank you!


No problem. You can click the link at the bottom and choose “bookmark.”


Good find @marmak3261! Thank you.