Unable to cancel second order--account deactivated

@dan We placed two orders for Glowforge Pro units. Put in ticket #74700 (on Mar 13) and was told (Apr 5) to cancel through the website. I did this, but it only cancelled one of my orders and subsequently deactivated my Glowforge account, making it impossible for me to cancel the other order. I put in ticket #78503 (on Apr 17) to resolve this, but have yet to hear anything back. We are approaching the end of our fiscal year and need our second refund processed ASAP. Please escalate this issue. Thank you.

@dmeisinger, please send another email to support@glowforge.com . They have to handle cancellations off the boards.

Describe the situation in your email in as much detail as you can, including the actions you have already taken, and the desire to cancel the second order immediately. It will take them up to ten days to process the request for the refund.

(You just want to make sure they saw the request on April 17th.)

Alternately I bet you could get someone to buy it at cost on the forum almost immediately…

I’m so sorry we missed your email.

I followed up about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.