Unable to complete print after support fixed orange button of death

ok so having the orange button of death was a big problem, kept saying it was cooling in the app. but getting the temp down to around 69 around the glowforge i ruled it out, support fixed the orange button of death from the back end. but now im left with a glowforge that likes to tease me, everything was working up until i press the white flashing button to begin print then it would flash the orange button and stop working, i emailed support, they seem to respond faster when i create a post about it. @vee any idea?

For future reference, posting here opens a support ticket, as does emailing support. Trying to match up all those duplicate support tickets can slow down their response time for everyone.

If you post here, you get to benefit from the help of other users while waiting for support to respond, but if you also email support, they’ll end up just closing the thread here when they discover the duplicate, and then nobody gets to benefit from finding out what the solution was. So, it’s best all around to just to do one or the other, and not both. :slight_smile:


So, are you saying Support ruled out temperature issues, but you’re still getting an orange button when you start a print? I’m not clear on what the current issue is, sorry!

noted, thanks.

I see you already emailed us about this. I just followed up there with next steps, so I’m going to close this topic. Thanks for letting us know about this.