Unable to complete print with thin materials

I’m having problems with my machine when I try printing materials thinner than 3 mm… This was not a problem in the past. Any ideas?

I managed when putting in material thickness manually. Maybe I need to calibrate the camera? Its just annoying to use the last pieces of proof grades since I can’t order more of it (to Sweden).

All you need is a piece of white paper or cardboard 20"x12 for calibration. I used watercolor paper over a full-sized scrap that was mostly holes and it did fine.


that’s great news! Thanks!

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Running the camera calibration tool cannot help with this problem. The lid camera is not involved in measuring material thickness and cannot generate this error. You can tape over the lid camera after the machine’s finished centering/homing and run it without a camera, it’s purely a visual aid for the human operator after that point, not an input to how the machine functions. Material thickness is measured by a red dot projector and camera on the bottom of the print head.

I disagree with calibration not helping. The lid camera does not play a role but the calibration process uses the camera built into the print head, and is absolutely involved in setting “focus” height.

It may not solve your problem but there’s no harm in trying. Certainly better than sending a machine back for replacement.

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