Unable to connect new printer

Is anyone able to help!?
My first Glowforge randomly broke after ONE week… I received my replacement a few days ago, and I have completed the Setup process numerous times. All appears to go well, wifi connects and it says “Hooraz, your glowforge is ready to use”.
I go into the app to print, and only my old broken glowforge is available. The replacement printer is not in the drop down file and I am unable to do anything.

I am becoming so frustrated with this machine, I wish I had researched reviews better before I purchased…

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Did you by chance give the new forge a different name, or is it named the same as the returned unit? Just a thought - but I don’t have experience with that. Good luck,

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I just use the default names.
The name listed on the wifi is different, but I can’t even get it to display anywhere else to change the name.

I don’t believe we can change the name, support needs to do it from their end if you didn’t specify it at the setup, and IIRC, setting up a separate machine doesn’t offer the option.

You don’t have to change the name of the machine to use it though, just click on the other machine in the drop-down. Until they remove the older machine from the list, you need to choose which one to connect to in the drop-down.

I don’t have the other machine listed in the drop down-- that is my problem. It’s been properly set up, and it’s not there.

Did you refresh the browser?

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Yes =(
I’ve erased cookies and cache, and even switched to a different browser. Restarted everything, have redone the set up.

Well, sit tight. The team might need to take a look at it, but once they fix it, it shouldn’t be a problem again.

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I sure hope so… first machine had mechanical failure and broke after only a week. Now this— hard to be patient when you spend so much money on a product and have nothing but problems =(
Appreciate your help.

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No problem! (And they’re worth the hiccups getting them set up.) :wink:

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.