Unable to get a response from support@glowforge.com

I am posting this here in the hopes that Glowforge reads their owners forum more quickly than they respond to phone calls or requests to support@glowforge.com. I ordered some more stock from the Glowforge store. It did not ask me to confirm the shipping address, and the confirmation email stated that the package would be shipped to my old address, 1,300 miles away. I immediately contacted support@glowforge.com and sent them the new address. I just now got another email from Glowforge saying my stock had been shipped - TO THE OLD ADDRESS. Glowforge, you have to do better.

I sent support an email about 9 days ago and I too have not heard back from them beyond the automatic acknowledgement reply.

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Did you also change your shipping address in the settings menu under your account?

Yes, Rand - immediately after I realized the package was going to the old address. To be fair, Glowforge credited me for the mis-directed package and another one is on its way to my new address.


Take a quick 2,600 mile drive; free material! :grimacing: