Unable to move or drag imagesI

I’m a new Glowforge Aura owner and I’m unable to drag and drop any images while I’m trying to create a design. I can see the design image in the bed view on my screen but all the images are locked into place and I can’t move them anywhere. Full disclosure, I’m using a Chromebook and having to use Firefox as my browser since Glowforge doesn’t like Chrome. I see the options on how to manually move the images using the “x” and “y” axis but that is time-consuming.

I can drag and scale all images using my husband’s laptop but he needs to use it to work during the day. Has anyone encountered this? Any ideas on how to fix?

Many thanks!

??? Glowforge actually recommends Chrome over other browsers - have you tried it and found it won’t work?

When I get similar non-moving behavior on an iPad/phone (using chrome) refreshing the page will solve it.


Not sure where you heard this, but it’s innaccurate. Give that a shot.

Firefox shouldn’t be having that issue either.

Are you using a mouse, or a touchpad?


Welcome to the community. I’ve been using Chrome exclusively for my Glowforge for 6 years.


Thank you to everyone for your responses! As per usual, I over-complicated things. I used it in Chrome with no problems with moving the images.

I swear when I did the Aura start-up that a screen came up and said that I needed to use Firefox. Oh well, but I’m just happy that I don’t have to hog my husband’s laptop anymore.

Thanks again!


I used Chrome and it worked! I swear when I did the Aura start up it said the software was not compatible. Not sure how I got that confused but I did.

Thanks for your help!


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