Unable to print Endless Coffee Coasters and Stand from Catalog


I purchased Endless Coffee Coasters and Stand – Glowforge Shop but I’m unable to actually print the design. It says there is no artwork, and I can’t move them around or click print. You can watch me struggle with it for quite a while starting at ~8:40 at https://youtu.be/O3EI9FIJCFU?t=8m40s



That is so strange. Normally when it says no artwork, it’s because there is no complete graphic inside the printable area. But yours are definitely there. You are getting the selection crosshairs but can’t move? No clicky? Arrows nudging?


No clicky. It shows the design, but there are no artwork layers on the left side. Something must be wrong with the file.


You could try adding artwork since it seems to expect it. Just to see what happens.


I didn’t watch the whole thing but I saw a 401 error description pop up under a print error that you received (401 is an authentication error). Maybe try logging out and back in to the UI to see if it pushes the appropriate permissions?


I got that about 20 times earlier tonight. Appears to have stopped around 930-10 Eastern. I had to log out and log back in every time I did something in the GFUI - for instance I could load and print 1 iteration but if I wanted to turn something I ignored the first time on and the rest off, I had to log back out and log in again to do the second part. I couldn’t load into the catalog and have it render, I had to load then log out/in. Then select the job and have it rendered into the GFUI. Then if I split that job into multiple runs (had to, I was playing with settings) I had to log out/in for each attempt - couldn’t just adjust and reprint. Then it stopped erroring between ops so maybe something got fixed on their end.



A ton of permissions are obviously going on behind the scenes and it seems the 401 usually just redirects to the GF home page. For example, a person with a GF account but not yet in possession of their machine - the various links (app. catalog. store.) all redirect to the GF homepage. I think it was a permissions error keeping me from using the Forge with Friends feature when invited, but don’t know for sure.

Either way, just a thought on a newly purchased design and then seeing a 401 error.


Thanks for letting us know about this - we’re researching it right now. I’ll post when I have new information.


Thanks again for letting us know about this, @chris1. We’ve removed the design from the catalog while we investigate.

Keep an eye out for an email coming from support!

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