Unable to print message (before printing even starts)

Hi, there!

I’ve reached out to support, but I have a time-sensitive order so I am hoping I can find some answers here! I looked at other posts, but so far none of the other solutions posted have helped fix my issue. I have a new (appx. 4 months) Glowforge Pro. Everytime I have my design set up and hit ‘ready to print’ it says ‘Print Stopped’ before I have even pressed the button etc.

I have cleaned all printer heads and reconnected to WIFI. It is not an overheating problem either since there wasn’t printing happening for about 24 hours before this issue started.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any luck with a solution?

Thank you!!

Does this happen with every file? Will it print the Gift of Good Measure or a known Glowforge file?


I just went to “print” gift of good measure and its showing a time to print so it appears it would work? Any idea why it’s doing this with my design? It’s very typical to what I always print—nothing new about it. I have a big wholesale order due any help is appreciated!!

Something with the file, perhaps. Care to share the file and see if it throws the same error for others?

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I also had this issue. Started about 24ish hours ago(everything was printing just fine before yesterday). All I did was reupload the file to the glowforge app and my print started working like normal. I dont know what happened but I really hope this works for you as it sounds like you and I were in the exact same boat.

So odd! I wonder if it had something to do with their server or something. I deleted the file, uploaded again and now it is working! PHEW! Thank you so much for your help and taking the time to respond.

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Working now–not sure what the issue was, but 24 hours of the problem and now it seems to have fixed itself. Thanks for your help!

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