Unable to Print

I was able to engrave three times yesterday then my machine stopped working. I kept getting UNABLE TO PRINT. I cleaned all the lenses, unplugged machine, pulled pin, clean crumb tray. Still no luck! The yellow light on button and the same message and there is t any answers I can find to help me. If anyone can offer assistance I’d really appreciate it. My model is a PRO and it’s brand new. So disappointed.

What’s the ambient temp of the room by the Glowforge - measured - not just going by the thermostat setting?

There are usually two primary reasons a yellow light pops up (which indicates a general machine fault). The first being temperature related. This is usually accompanied by a warning in the app, but it seems that hasn’t been appearing for some people lately.

The second is a poor connection from the white ribbon cable that attaches to the head.

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I live on Maui and the room was pretty warm. No windows open and no ac.

I tried removing the ribbon and reattaching and that didn’t work.

I’ve been cutting in that same
Room for almost the whole time I’ve had my laser though?

What was the temperature in the room? The laser has an operating envelope - too cold or too hot and it shuts down to prevent damage.

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I’m not sure what the temperature was. I’ll try to run my ac to cool the room prior then? Outside it must have been about 87 degrees.


Thank you so much for responding! (Quicker than support too) I appreciate it! :blush: I will definitely try again with a cooler room and respond later today.

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Cooling the room did help but sadly the issue continued after 1 set of cuts. I tried everything that customer support suggested and the fan pointing at the laser has worked for another cut. I’m going to try to get my order done…wish me luck!

No luck! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE PRINT.

Thanks for the help, @jbmanning5!

I see you already emailed us about this, and I just followed up there, so I’m going to close this thread. Thanks again for letting us know about this.