Unable to upload anything this afternoon (cyber Monday)

Able to do a small job earlier today, and then my GF crapped out.

Now after logging out/powering off & finally getting site back up, have been getting error messages on every file I try to open. Small image files I’ve done before (small–one line of text!). This is both happening (rather, not happening) from either my Home or the GFUI directly for uploading.

Is this as we feared about being tied to the network a failure due to cyber Monday & high demand on servers allover?

And though Pip closed my support ticket already–I still CANNOT open files from my home page. Try one, get a totally different image (that was not showing as saved on home page), tried repeating that, and nothing renders. Nor does any other image from my home screen renders. And these do not generate the error message. Only uploading from my own computer do I get the error message

And I have another huge show in 2 days to prepare for. This.is.not.good.

Edit: few minutes after submitting this–I was able to get a file to render. But from my computer.
Still nothing from my Home screen (at least not the image I expect).

Another update: It appears that images created on Inkscape (svg) are not loading and causing error. I can upload images (jpegs) created in Corel–though I’ve not confirmed if svg from CorelDraw load yet or not…

First thing I would do in my ignorance is to ensure my Browser is up to date and clear the cache.

Thanks–but have done few days ago… the failure to render from my home page has been inconsistent over the past year.

Hopeing the Inkscape files thing is just bandwidth or something & OK again tomorrow. At least I can use some of my files!

I was using my Glowforge all day yesterday with only one issue — it decided to recalibrate around 2pm. That took about 5 minutes and then I was back to normal use.

I would start by resetting your router or cable modem to see if that helps. Then I would run an Internet speed test to check your connectivity speeds.

If you are thinking it’s connectivity (since you are mentioning Cyber Monday), who is your Internet provider? Around here, Comcast has each neighborhood on the same “pipe” to the Internet, where each home on Verizon FiOS has its own “pipe” to the Internet. In other words, in my area if you use Comcast and your neighbors are all online doing data intensive things, it will slow down your service. On Verizon, it doesn’t matter what your neighbors are doing (as long as they aren’t stealing your wifi). This pertains to my area and the providers in your area may be different.

I also would not be surprised if Glowforge offloads some data processing to Amazon web services (not the retail site’s servers, but AWS is owned by Amazon) as many online retailers and data processing services do these days. Amazon’s web services probably did see an uptick in traffic due to Cyber Monday.

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Thanks–was able to work with jpeg files created in Corel that I could upload from my computer, but could not get any svg files–bizarro–so not a file size issue, but more type.

I do use Comcast, and every once & a while had slow speed issues, and sometimes felt like Bremerton was under supported, but have upgraded modem & good signal strength to my computer/GF. Didn’t check the speed when got the Error messages, though. But wasn’t long after I realized I could load jpegs, so just worked on different projects to get through the night.

Also need to check what else I had running on the computer… hmmm.

And not too surprised about failure to load from my Home screen. Has been problem for nearly a year. I rarely try anymore since faster to just upload vs. find in the home screen & then wait while it tries to render & find nothing shows up. So just do what works. Usually. But it’s bizarre–and annoying when it’s supposed to work, and it doesn’t.

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you want us to take a look at the file you were having trouble with, can you email us at support@glowforge.com? We’re here to help!