Unable to upload file

scottie glowforge.ai (137.3 KB) I get an error to either refresh my browser or restart the glowforge when trying to upload this file. I have uploaded other files since with no problems. Can someone help me find out what the issue is?

You can’t upload illustrator files. Save as SVG or PDF and upload that.


I dropped the file into Inkscape and it opened fine.

I opened it in illustrator as well… Since he mentioned and error stating to restart the glowforge I assume he means uploading it to the GFUI and not here.

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It opened just fine in my UI… as a PDF

Are you going to engrave or inlay the hearts?

All of it is cutting. I can’t upload the SVG file to the forum because it says it is unable to get the image size, so I had to do the AI file. If the svg file is corrupt but the AI if fine, is there anything I can do to salvage the project?

Can you save it as a pdf?

You don’t have to use SVG. You can copy/paste directly from Illustrator to the GF dashboard page and upload that way or as others have mentioned save as PDF instead.
Both of these methods conveniently avoid the SVG scaling issues as well.

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I’m going to close this thread - if you run into any other trouble, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for all the help everyone!