Unacceptable Policies and customer support

Im really really unhappy with the policies and customer service through GF. After just a few weeks of owning our glowforge, we started having issues with the power unit. It was taking hours for the GF unit to turn on. Their “policy” is to send us a refurbished one. I was under the assumption that was until they could fix our original unit. NOPE. Essentially we are supposed to be ok with spending thousands of dollars for a brand new pro unit and end up with a refurbished piece of crap, with gouges in the inside metal and a lid that doesn’t close all the way ans is three times as loud and jerky as our original unit. 100% bullshit. How would you feel if you went a bought a brand new car, only to have something go wrong and they take your car back and give you a 5 year old used car? Its no wonder that there’s no telephone support for the company.

By posting you have opened a ticket. There are glitches and that is what this is for. My pro was replaced with a basic which was replaced right away with a pro I cannot tell from new.

I would post pictures and perhaps a video of your issues. There is of course few even a year old as yet, but there are a few design differences that can be seen so if you post pictures of previous if you have it as well as that will help put a time on that.

As for telephone support they would need triple the number of employees and the effort needed to pull up your logs etc. and expertise the quality of help would not be to anyone’s liking.

The last time I had telephone support a part had fallen off and they insisted on rebooting the machine to see if that fixed the problem!

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That’s a pretty common policy in the hardware world. Sending you one with the issues you mentioned is not their normal procedure, and I’m sure they’ll make it right for you. Using expletives to describe your problem is unnecessary, though; this is supposed to be a family-friendly forum.

There is no telephone support, for the reasons @rbtdanforth mentioned, but when someone is available to man it, there is a live chat option on the support pages.


Not always, but it is their option.

Since you said you were under the assumption that it was a temporary situation, I’m assuming you actually read the Terms of Purchase & Service and Warranty before purchasing. (Most people don’t, so very good for you.) But they do in fact have the right to replace it with a unit that is about the same age and model as the unit you returned, and you actually want that to happen, since you’re going to get that much more quickly than if you have to wait for them to repair your unit. Your unit would go to the end of the line, no telling how long you’d have to wait for them to get to it, and all the while your warranty period is ticking away.

By doing it this way, you get the same equivalent unit as what you ordered, as soon as they have one available. It’s designed to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

If the replacement machine doesn’t function correctly, you can return it while it is still under warranty, and they will replace it. But just a couple of things to think about… if your first machine didn’t have a correctly functioning power supply, that might be why the machine now seems louder…it’s running at full power. This is what they sound like when they’re running right …the Pro units are very noisy. (Mine is.) I got some noise cancelling headphones and slap them on when it’s running. The glass on the lid is not always completely flat…glass never is…it will not affect the function of the unit. (Mine sits about a 1/4" high on the right side, and it’s run just fine for a year and a half now.)

So it sounds like they replaced a prettier paperweight with a functional machine. Given how quickly they get trashed, a few interior cosmetic scratches shouldn’t be an issue with performance. I’d suggest trying it out, making sure that it runs correctly, and you might wind up being ultimately pleased. The refurbished units are likely more carefully and thoroughly tested than they can do with the production units…and that’s actually a good thing.

So, not trying to change your mind, but there are some positive aspects to them replacing the bad production models with known working units. Hope the replacement works out better for you than the first one did. :slightly_smiling_face:


You have a bad unit. You send it in. They return to you a repaired unit someone else has previously sent in. Your bad unit gets repaired and goes in to the warranty pool as a replacement for someone else’s future failing unit.

This is SOP for pretty much all businesses. Field returns are refurbished and used as replacements for subsequent field returns.

Net-net it’s not a negative. You send in a bad unit, you get back a repaired unit. Does it matter if the unit you got back was your original? Not if the replacement is refurbished to like-new condition. If you get a replacement with cosmetic damage, I’d insist on a replacement that doesn’t show someone else’s wear and tear. But functionally, the replacement is no different regardless of the original returned machine.

And the advantage to us, the end users, is that we get a replacement faster than waiting for the machine we returned to be analyzed, repaired and refurbished.


I am so sorry for the trouble you’ve had with these two units, and we really appreciate your feedback. It’s rare to experience that, and I’ve followed up with you directly via email so we can resolve this for you quickly. Since we’re communicating there, I am going to close this thread.