Unacceptable Support Response

I am so frustrated, I finally broke down and purchased my glowforge and I have been testing and trying things and having many issues I thought were just learning curves and have been in contact with support over centering issues for quite a long time and then all of a sudden it stops working completely! I get a chance to connect to support via chat which is super rare (every other time I attempt it is an email option only) and they decide that they need to send a new part covered under warranty, not sure this will fix it either but it is a start. My issue is they have zero options to rush anything and even after a missed delivery date of 9/11/21 they have done NOTHING. I have sent emails and tried to get a new one shipped out over night but no luck. What do I need to do to get someone to stay on this case and actually get this broken machine that’s collecting dust to work again, like last week.

This is pretty much the company MO since the very beginning. Unless there is something to say, they don’t say anything. And much of what they do is third party warehouses and production centers they contract with, not control.

Doesn’t help you much here, but they have gotten their response times down from two+ weeks during holidays at worst a few years back to usually within a day or two even during holidays.

This is still positioned as a hobby level machine. An expensive hobby machine but still a hobby machine. Actual professional machines with business support and all that start north of 10k.


Yeah I am have been reading posts all morning. Seems most have it worse than me it is just I expect an option to have something shipped quicker. I know fed ex has options and the package was lost in Phoenix a couple days final destination Tucson, then Texas and now Missouri and their only response is we will reach out after our logistics team looks into it. Pretty sure you don’t need a logistics team to look up a tracking number. Ugh.

Good thing it is a hobby but because it is a hobby I would like to be able to use it when I have time off from life and not just sit and stare at it. Hahah Though she is pretty.

I am saddened to hear that this happened to you, and I apologize on behalf of my team for the poor support you received. I’ve already created a replacement order to be shipped to you with expedited shipping, and I followed up directly over email with more information.

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