Update: Upon arrival of my unit (Glowforge Plus), I had an error which rendered my unit inoperable which resulted in me having to send the unit back. Though not pleased with the outcome, I decided to allow Glowforge to send me another unit. Well not only do they want it to continue under the same warranty timeframe (note, it wasn’t my fault I received a defective unit), but now I have to wait an additional almost 2 weeks to get another unit which means the warranty time still ticks away. Unacceptable, if i was to get the unit and the warranty expires and something happens to the unit within the timeframe of the defective device being replaced my unit should be covered. This is not good business.

That’s how it has always been for Glowforge purchases, and is pretty standard for any sort of electronic equipment.

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I appreciate the response, unfortunately this company is at fault for the defect, not I, and to hold the customer responsible (decreasing warranty time), is unacceptable, nor is this common practice among other companies I have dealt with. As i stated previously, if the warranty cannot be extended to cover the time that I am missing my item that i paid for, my refund needs to be processed expeditiously and a return to sender receipt needs to be drafted for the remainder of the Glowforge parts I was told to keep. I will be awaiting a response by COB tomorrow CST time (5pm), before I take additional steps.


Thomas Freeman

Doesn’t seem fair for you to expect special treatment when the rest of us are subject to the same warranty agreement you are, and have dealt with it when we had returns. I mean, you agreed to it when you purchased, so… :woman_shrugging:


Lol…I failed to look at the subject line…I thought you were part of the support team as it came through my email…opps…
Glad you have your opinion on this matter, if you and whomever else decided to sit back and allow it, I’m happy for you and whomever else, your issue not mine, therefore I don’t see any more reason to respond…have a good day mate.

Per the Warranty, “…If you purchase your product directly from Glowforge, warranty coverage for your product starts on the date of shipment to you (the original purchaser).”

Warranty does not state that the warranty will be extended for any repairs or replacements.


You all seem to be missing the point, but nevertheless…thumbs up…this post is strictly for documentation purposes…have a great day.

I don’t think so. We all understand your point, many (including some of us) have similarly complained about it - especially for a Basic with the shorter warranty and the large amount of time it can take to get a warranty repair executed. A 4-6 week timeframe out of a 6 month warranty period is pretty awful from a customer satisfaction standpoint.

However, just like I don’t get extra days added to my car’s warranty when it’s in the dealer for warranty work, GF doesn’t extend your warranty for the duration it’s out of commission due to a warranty repair. That’s just the way it is.

If that’s not acceptable for you, then you’re certainly taking the right steps to try to return it for a refund. I’m not sure what the current policy is for that, but it’s certainly something I’d do if I also decided it was unacceptable. I don’t believe this is the official channel for requesting one so your “documentation” here won’t be admissable or binding in any way. Worth taking a look at their refund policy and following the steps they’ve laid out.

For what it’s worth, almost everyone here has determined that no matter how much we don’t like it, we prefer having the machine with the warranty treatment as it is than not having the machine at all. It’s water under the bridge for most because they don’t/won’t require warranty service or their warranty has expired. It’s a moot point for them.

Good luck with your refund or your “other action”. Unfortunately despite a number of folks also choosing to pursue a similar course, we never get to see here on the forum what occurs so don’t know what your likelihood of success is.


That’s clear enough.

Once they see your post here they will act on it. (This thread opened another ticket for you.)

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I agree with @jamesdhatch ’ “For what it’s worth, almost everyone here has determined that no matter how much we don’t like it, we prefer having the machine with the warranty treatment as it is than not having the machine at all.”
I got my GF in September…issues and had to send it back right before Christmas…got it back and within 3 weeks, issues and now returning it again. However, stuff happens, it’s no ones fault. I don’t like being without my machine but am having so much fun with it, I will wait for a replacement. I’m getting pretty good at packing it up:-). Not ideal AT ALL, but, as I said, stuff happens. I’m trying to spend my time creating stuff to print when it gets back.


@thomasbfreeman77 thanks for posting. You currently have an open ticket with us and we’re working with you there. We’ll close this thread and continue helping you directly via email.

Adding a little more: I’ve replied to Thomas in detail by email, but wanted to reply generally here, too, for those watching:

When a printer runs into trouble, we’re here to help find solutions. We try to provide education, or spare parts, or, if needed guidance regarding repairs. We can’t modify warranties – the warranty is a legal document that applies to all purchases, and we can’t change it for individual purchases. That said, when an issue arises within weeks of warranty expiration, we always look at the path that an owner has been through with Glowforge, with an eye towards extenuating circumstances. We’re here to help and always want to be fair!