Unauthorized LED lights

I made LED lights for my daughter and son in law, and for my son. They are the proud owners of a new Jimmy Johns franchise. My daughter was tickled pink.

It was a pain in the butt to make them, because the LED base didn’t come with any diagram. Lots of fiddling to get something to fit correctly.


Nailed it! :wink:


Very nice! Now that you’ve got the sizes worked out, you’ll have to buy a bunch of those bases so you don’t have to do any more fiddling!:laughing:


Lol, I thought the same thing!!


Agree. Looks awesome. I am sure they are very pleased and are now investigating standoff lit signs for the rest of the room. (just joking, but not a bad idea).
Only complaint I ever got from these is one person who did not like it falling apart when moving it or changing the batteries. So I glued the design into the base and all happy happy.

I did that once. Interestingly, the slots were two different sizes even though all came in one order from the same people and had the same labels.
Confused the hell out of me when I was making some more edge lit designs and they would not fit. Finally started measuring the light bases.


Very nice!

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Very nicely done and congrats on the new franchise for your daughter! Don’t you mean she was tickled green though? :grin:

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